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Address : Strada Isonzo Km 5,200 -(hill mountain road 266) LT - Italy -

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All around us

There are many routes you can visit around Villa Primavera :
days on the beach, visits to the Pontine islands (organized in structure), nature walks the lakes and the Circeo National Park, horseback riding, biking, and visits to the rich countries of Lepini history, traditions and great food.

The Pontine Islands

The Pontine Islands are an archipelago in the Tyrrhenian Sea, in the summer and are subject to an intense tourist movement, having regard to the wonderful landscape.

The archipelago includes six main islands divided into two main groups:

  • group of north-west (administratively belonging to the municipality of Ponza)
    • Island of Ponza
    • Palmarola Island
    • Zannone Island
    • Gavi Island
  • group of south-east (administratively belonging to the municipality of Ventotene)
    • Island of Ventotene
    • Island of Santo Stefano

The National Park of Circeo

At 15 km the Circeo National Park established in 1934, one of the oldest protected areas in Italy and a candidate for the title of "World Heritage".

The park contains a wide range of different habitats, from forest, headland, dune, and coastal wetlands, including the four coastal lakes: Lake Sabaudia or Paola, Caprolace Lake, Lake of monks and Lake Fogliano .. that what remains of the ancient "Pontine Marshes". Lakes and swamps of the Circeo National Park are home to a rich avifauna with over 260 species;

The sea of ​​Sabaudia

With only a 10 minute journey by car takes you to the sea of ​​Terracina, situated 16 km from the villa.

The Sabaudia beach, famous for its soft golden sand and the flourishing Mediterranean vegetation, lies under the gaze of the promontory of Circeo. Founded in 1934, following the work of reclamation of the Pontine marshes is chosen, given its excellent geographical position, the crystal clear sea and the extensive coastline, as a holiday by many celebrities' of the show and culture ...

Beach Sabaudia

For mountain lovers instead there are other routes:
To the north-east it extends mountain chain of Monti lepini which includes the towns of:

  • Bassiano
  • Cori
  • Maenza
  • Norma
  • Priverno
  • Prossedi
  • Roccagorga
  • Rocca Massima
  • Sezze
  • Sermoneta

Countries that have retained all their original culture and traditions, so can be organized excursions and events to enjoy these areas in terms of landscape, nature, food, wine and even archaeological value.


In particular, you can visit The Sermoneta 'sAbbey Valvisciolo and the Gardens of Ninfa famous worldwide for its beautiful flora and the remains of medieval buildings and churches that gave life to the city.

gardens of Ninfa


The majestic castle walls erected by the Caetani in the thirteenth century, constitute the spiral structure of the country, the urban fabric of Bassiano is rich in history and memory: in the center of town you can visit:

  • Church of St Erasmus
  • Church of St. Nicholas
  • Church of Santa Maria
  • Sanctuary of the Crucifix
  • Shrine of the Holy Trinity


It stands on a cliff overlooking the beautiful panorama of agro pontino, famous for its Museum of Chocolate and the many local festivals that are instituted.


Ancient country, according to legend founded by Hercules, is located in a strategic position overlooking the valley of Monti Lepini. It's 'full of history and traditions .. one of the most important:

  • Artichoke Festival. It takes usually the first Sunday in April.
  • Representation of the Sacred Passion of Christ. It takes place from the Middle Ages, on the evening of Holy Friday;
Ninfa Garden